Buscador de establecimientos (hoteles, restaurantes, museos, salas de exposiciones, casas rurales,...) accesibles en Euskadi



Web accessibility tries to remove or at least minimise the barriers encountered by given groups of users when navigating through the Internet enabling in this way their access to the information. User impairments may be physical, psychical or connected to the technology they use:

  • Visual, hearing or mobility impairment.
  • Difficulty in understanding the contents.
  • Non intuitive navigation.
  • Slow connection.
  • Out of date browsers or of little capacity to interpret the contents.
  • Lack of certain devices (mouse, keyboard, etc.).

Compatibility with standards

All pages comply with the Accessibility Rules or General Principles of Accessible Design set forth by the W3C WAI Task Force. Specifically pages conform to Web 1.0 Accessible Contents Rules, level Double A and Recommendation XHTML 1.0 with special stress in segregating structure, presentation, contents and functionality.

Visual Design

The visual design has been carried out under W3C recommendations on Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2 (CSS2). If style sheets are not supported by the browser or navigation device, the web remains totally legible thanks to its structural mark up.

Gobierno Vasco